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Why are we different?

How is our approach different than other software vendors?


•    Our product was developed by experts in New Hampshire municipal finance specifically for New Hampshire municipalities.   
•    Our team speaks both “technical” AND “finance” languages. 
•    We approach implementation as a collaborative effort between MRI’s experienced municipal finance staff, our software developers and the finance directors and other staff who will be using our software.  
•    We understand what is required to satisfy the budgeting and finance management requirements of local governments in NH and we will ensure that the system and software set-up enables you to meet these requirements.  


We typically incorporate the following steps to implement the MTS software platform:


On-Site Data Gathering

In an effort to gain a thorough understanding of the Town’s financial operations, we typically spend time on-site working with key staff who rely upon the related services provided by the Town’s finance operations. We will review existing systems and data to fully understand the “what, how, who and why” of the current operational approach and structure.


This process allows us to properly document operations, process and procedures and identify any special circumstances that may direct the implementation, functionality and reporting requirements of the MTS software modules, review any issues related to audit findings, as well as training and support needs.


We place great importance on this process as it ensures a complete picture of the operational environment and provides a roadmap to ensure a successful conversion and implementation without the all-to-common ‘surprises’ that result in disruption to staff or finance operations.


Data Conversion and Testing


Chart of Accounts

We will work with Town staff to assist in the revision of the Town’s chart of accounts if needed. (No account changes are required as MTS can accommodate any account structure.) “Old to New” mapping tools and conversion utilities are available if needed.




Using the information gathered in the discovery phase, configure the various modules to reflect exiting town finance operations, or if needed, revised processes.


Export, Conversion and Testing

MRI will export relevant historical data from the Town’s current systems and populate the MTS software platform. Actual content and timeframe of historical data will be determined and agreed upon prior to conversion as part of the information gathering process. MRI is also able to back-test to ensure data integrity and a smooth transition to the new platform.


Test Environment

After the initial conversion is complete, we will provide a test environment to the Town to review converted data; compare balances and run parallel transactions to the production accounting system, if desired; and use for training purposes.



 MRI will provide on-site training on all installed MTS modules. Typically our training is completed on-site, and is customized per client. Because we live in New Hampshire, travel is less of a challenge and we find that multiple shorter sessions are more productive than full-day sessions. Training sessions for department heads and others with limited use/access to specific modules are also included in this cost.


Ongoing Finance/Accounting Support Services

The Town will have access to MRI’s experienced New Hampshire municipal finance staff on an as-needed or recurring basis to provide assistance with any and all financial operations of the Town including reconciliations, budget preparation, DRA reporting, audit preparation and best practices in a changing regulatory environment.

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