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Current Modules


General Legder

General Ledger is the core module of the MTS fund accounting system, providing a clear and concise record of financial transactions including appropriation and revenue reporting, trial balance, balance sheet, and detailed tracking of all transactions.

  • Fully integrated with other MTS Modules.

  • Designed specifically for New Hampshire municipalities.

  • Easy entry journal entries including recurring and reversing entries.

  • Standard Report Library geared to NH requirements with Report Builder, Querying tools and Excel export options.

  • Reports to complete DRA required MS forms.

  • MTS-developed standardized chart of accounts provides transparency and ease of reporting for DRA and management purposes.


Fully integrated with the General Ledger Module, the Budget module allows the management of the budget process at all levels of the organization.

  • User-defined budget levels.

  • One-click import of prior year’s budget.

  • Attach supporting documentation to budget entries.

  • Unlimited years of comparison – old budgets may be imported directly from MS Excel.

  • Allows calculation of an estimated municipal tax rate based upon appropriations, revenues, and assessed values for discussion purposes.

  • Full integration with Microsoft Excel allowing Import, Export – even updates of an already formatted worksheet.

Accounts Payable

Fully integrated with the GL and Bank Reconciliation modules, the Accounts Payable module is a flexible system that facilitates and tracks the payment of the municipality’s obligations.

  • Unlimited distribution of invoice amounts to General Ledger accounts.

  • Vendor set-up is quick, easy and comprehensive. Includes IRS Form 1099 reporting.

  • Search vendors by vendor number or name.

  • Complete vendor, invoice and payment inquiry.

  • Assigns default bank account and GL accounts to vendors.

  • Drill down capability from inquiry screens back to the original invoice detail line.

  • Attach relevant documents to transaction records.

  • Facilitates the use of generic check stock with the systems MICR check coding enabling original check printing, reprinting capability, unlimited printing of check copies with audit tracking of all printed checks (originals and copies).



Integrated with the Accounts Payable module, the MTS Purchasing enables the tracking of purchases, authorization of purchases by Administration; reducing the possibility of fraudulent spending and improper orders. The module is customizable to match the municipalities purchasing policies.

Purchasing also facilitations encumbrance-free invoice approval process. 


Payment Center (Cash Receipt)

The Cash Receipts module is integrated with other relevant modules and acts as the single source of all cash, credit and on-line ACH transactions, allowing the municipality to establish an accountable and convenient method to track non-property tax revenue.

  • Receipts can be taken by any workstation authorized by system security.

  • Fully integrated with other MTS modules allowing records to tie back to the appropriate revenue accounts.

  • Payments can be collected and distributed to multiple cash accounts and banks.

  • Integrated lookups for property taxes, utility billing and other sub-modules make inquiries easy, accurate, and immediate.

  • Collect multiple payment types for one customer; customer receipts are detailed and can be reprinted at any time.

  • End of day journals can be produced by individual clerk or by groups, in detail or summary, by sub-system and many other variations.

  • Improves internal controls to minimize risk and improve record-keeping.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation module provides for the monthly reconciliation of bank statements with general ledger transactions. It accurately tracks checks, deposits, interest, fees and all system generated General Ledger cash transactions.

  • Automatically pulls data from all other MTS modules.

  • Easy entry of bank fee charges and interest with automatic General Ledger entry creation.

  • Quick and easy tagging of returned checks and deposits, individually or in a range.

  • Single screen summary of all bank activity and balances.

  • Reconciliation summary shows module calculated versus bank statement amounts with a variance amount.

  • Print a final monthly reconciliation report for signature and retention for auditing purposes.


Our web-based payroll module allows for remote entry time-keeping, multiple departments, multiple pay rates and the ability to offer direct deposit to multiple banks. Highly customizable, the module can handle multiple pay weeks, accruals and unlimited earning and deduction codes.

  • State of the art security with offsite backup.

  • Direct deposit or print checks locally.

  • Payroll report library with Report Wizard tools.

  • Facilitates time entry manually or by import.

  • Data import eliminates the time and hassle of manual timesheets with online time clocks and on-line timesheets.

  • Payroll information including pay stubs and year-end W-2 forms are all available through an employee portal. 

  • Set up department managers for timesheet review and approval, time off requests and more.

Tax Billing

The MTS Tax Billing module is a full-featured billing system handling all types of Property Taxes.  Lien and Deed processing is fully supported and integrated.  The system makes billing, reporting and account inquiry quick and accurate.

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing module is a full-featured billing system handling all facets of your billing – including: Water, Sewer, Electric and Backflow – or any other type of consumption-based utility billing.  Flexible and easy to configure, the system makes billing, reporting and account inquiry quick, accurate and easy.

Purchase Order


Miscellaneous Billing

The MTS Miscellaneous Billing module is a full-featured billing system handling all types of general or miscellaneous billing, including police detail, rents and permits.  This eliminates manually generated invoices and manual calculations.  The system makes billing, reporting and account inquiry quick, accurate and easy.

Fixed Assets

The MTS Fixed Asset module is a flexible system that is simple to set up and easy to use.  It accurately inventories assets to allow you to report, maintain and account for them in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and provides GASB 34 compliant reporting.

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