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Municipal Resources, Inc. is pleased to introduce Municipal Technology Systems (MTS), a simple to use, yet powerful software solution designed to offer New Hampshire communities an affordable, fully integrated financial management system designed to meet the unique operational and compliance needs of NH municipal governments.

Municipal Resources, Inc. has been serving New Hampshire municipalities since 1989 with a wide variety of services including staff support, operational studies and expertise in all areas of municipal government, including tax assessments, public safety, public works, HR, and budgeting and finance management. 

Starting five years ago, we brought together a team of experienced NH municipal finance experts and two highly regarded municipal software developers to create an affordable, fully integrated financial management system which we designed specifically to meet the unique operational and compliance needs of NH municipal governments. The result is Municipal Technology Systems (MTS).


We are not just another software vendor or reseller for MTS; if desired we are able to offer a complete solution including full-service budgeting and finance management, staff training, customized procedures for ongoing operational success, ongoing software and systems support and, if needed, backup staffing support as needed to ensure uninterrupted coverage that can result from vacations, illness or retirements.

MTS At a glance:
  • MTS is a powerful yet easy to use fund accounting platform with a fully integrated suite of modules, providing for uniform user interface. Modules are continuously being enhanced in response to user feedback and regulatory requirements, ensuring that MTS will meet the needs of any New Hampshire municipality.

  • MTS is a Client/Server MS Windows application with an option for an n-Tier Cloud-based version, as well as provisions for mixed implementations.  

  • MTS uses a robust SQL database server which provides high performance, even with large data sets.

  • The payroll module provides a web-based employee portal and timesheet submissions.

  • All modules are fully integrated, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

  • The software is compliant with GASB and other municipal accounting standards.

  • MTS is able to produce all necessary state and federal payroll reports and files including NHRS, as well as reports to complete DRA MS forms.

  • The General Ledger allows multiple periods and years to be open at once.

  • Account structures and fields can be user-defined allowing users to track projects, reporting groups, vendor categories, etc.

  • A standard report library has been developed for NH municipalities, with ad-hoc query capabilities and available custom report builder.

  • Ability to have multiple modules, and multiple instances of the same module open at the same time.

  • Flexible import and export capabilities for MS Excel, including export to standard templates, including the ability to import Avitar Tax/Clerk and Interware Clerk transactions.

  • Extensive drill-down capabilities from multiple screens to view transaction details.

  • Integrated document and file management, allowing all files to be attached to pertinent data points and retrieved at any time.

  • Encryption of critical and confidential information.

  • System security that can be configured down to the field level.


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